The Fondazione La Raia – arte cultura territorio was created with the aim of promoting critical reflections on the landscape, through contributions from various fields of study.


The Foundation will develop themes in keeping with the approach adopted by the Rossi Cairo family over the last 10 years: working in harmony with the environment, respecting the life cycles of nature, and valorising the work of those who live here and interface with the environment around them. This has meant not only striving to achieve an excellent quality of wine production, or reappraising ancient cereal strains, but also investing in educational and pedagogical projects bound up in the Steiner school run by the cultural association Intorno al melo.


Its first project is entitled Nel paesaggio.





Here, artists, philosophers, landscapers, photographers and architects are invited to come and experience the vineyards, fields and woodlands of azienda agricola biodinamica La Raia, right in the heart of the Gavi hills, and – through their contributions and artworks – to offer scope for new knowledge and new aspects of identity. In this way, the landscape, along with the interventions made upon it, may become the basis of a new experience: one to be shared.





Fondazione La Raia has been created by Irene Crocco and Giorgio Rossi Cairo and is managed by Ilaria Bonacossa.

Irene Crocco is a gallerist (she also founded Viasaterna in Milan) and contemporary art expert with fifteen years' experience. She defined the scope of interest of the Foundation, launching it and following «Nel paesaggio», the opening project.
Giorgio Rossi Cairo is an entrepreneur and strategic advisor, founder of Value Partners group. He manages the biodynamic estate La Raia together with his son Piero.
Ilaria Bonacossa is a curator and critic. In 2016, she was appointed Artistic Director of the Foundation. She has managed the Villa Croce Museum in Genoa – a municipal institution devoted to contemporary art – from 2012 to 2017. In 2017, she was appointed Director of Artissima, in Turin.