Paesaggi in movimento

06 novembre 2015



A COLOCO project with Gilles Clément for the Foundation ‘La Raia’

Meeting and open discussion, Friday 6 November, ore 6.30pm

Fondazione La Raia is proud to host STEP 2: BRAINSTORMING the second stage of the project PAESAGGI IN MOVIMENTO (LANDSCAPES IN MOVEMENT).

Step 2: Brainstorming is the second stage of PAESAGGI IN MOVIMENTO, a project stretching over two years, promoted by the Fondazione La Raia, which sets out to explore the scope for a different way of looking at the landscape, in which art is the bearer of new outlooks, visions and meanings.

In June last year, COLOCO and Gilles Clément, all militant Third Landscape gardeners, deployed their eclectic and multi-disciplinary sensitivity to study and explore the relationships between life and the landscape within La Raia: an ecosystem of extraordinary biodiversity, home to a biodynamic farm, a Steiner school and the Foundation itself.

Step 2: Brainstorming takes on the form of a collective, participatory discussion, and opens up to the public as a founding moment of the project. Indeed, the encounter is not designed to merely provide a public account of the study, through the use of images and video, but above all the opportunity for a comparison and exchange of ideas, reflections and experiences.

PAESAGGI IN MOVIMENTO will be developed over the months to come through specific interventions, the exact nature of which will be also be determined by the outcome of Step 2: Brainstorming.

In the presence of: Gilles Clément, Nicolas Bonnenfant, Miguel Georgieff and Pablo Georgieff
Fondazione La Raia

Strada Monterotondo 79, Novi Ligure (AL)
Where we are: La Raia / +39.02.4981475
PAESAGGI IN MOVIMENTO is a research project designed by COLOCO for the Fondazione La Raia, coordinated by Matilde Marzotto Caotorta.