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26 settembre 2014

Koo Jeong A.


Curated by Frank Boehm


“OUSSSER” is a permanent work (a wall drawing in enamel paint) created by the artist Koo Jeong A. “OUSSSER” is an appearance that comes from a parallel world imagined by Koo, only visible to our eyes in the new moon nights.


Koo Jeong A is devoted mainly to the invention of space. The major intention of her interventions is to put the soul in that space. Since the early 90s, her work includes big circles of drawing, architectural elements, fictions, poetries, publications, installations, sculptures, interventions in urban spaces, films and audio works.


On September 26, in the night of new moon, “OUSSSER” will be inaugurated, produced by Fondazione La Raia at Cascina Merlassino, within the property of the biodynamic farm La Raia. With this artwork, Fondazione La Raia takes another important step along the path that has as its goal the knowledge of the landscape in all its complexity, due to the ability of artists to open new visions and questions.


During this occasion, the artist book “OUSSSER” will be presented, published by A+M Bookstore Editions, a limited edition of 150 copies. Simultaneously with the opening at Fondazione La Raia, other Koo Jeong A artworks will be visible at the Venice Biennial, in the Swiss Pavilion, until November 23, and at the Kwangju Biennial, until November 9.


Koo Jeong A. was born in Seoul in 1967. Lives and works everywhere.

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