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22 giugno 2013



Edited by Matilde Marzotto Caotorta
pp. 40, Corraini Edizioni, 2013
ISBN: 978-88-7570-410-0
Price: € 10.00
English and Italian texts


The Foundation La Raia – arte cultura territorio inaugurates its first project, entitled Nel paesaggio with three permanent works by Remo Salvadori.
Nel momento, a vertical installation made up of 16 elements in tin, on the south face of the house; Il sabato piantare il cipresso..., along the main path behind the estate, comprising marble, water and essences; Continuo infinito presente, a ring with no start and no end in stainless steel cables, created in the presence of the visitors on the day of the opening.


In the first part of the Dialogo tra Remo Salvadori e Elio Franzini, the reflections of the philosopher address the themes put forward by the artist over the course of their many conversations: a highly original exchange, giving rise to dynamic and vital interpretations. In the second part, Franzini ponders the works created for La Raia by Salvadori.